PARENTS, PLEASE READ!!!! (updated May 4, 2017)

As you know, I am currently on Maternity Leave. Although I am not at school, I will still be available to answer questions, via email, as well as grade papers and enter grades in the portal. I apologize for any miscommunication and confusion that has come about since the students have returned from Spring Break. From this point on, however, please refer to my wiki for any information regarding homework, quizzes, and assessments for Math and ELA. You can also refer to Mrs. Dozier's wiki for information regarding ELA, since she and my substitute, Ms. Borne, are working together to execute the ELA lesson plans. The information for next week's lessons will be updated by Monday.

Please keep in mind that students are still responsible for completing their KidBiz articles every week (2 articles with a score of at least 75% on the first try) as well as their First in Math stickers (2500 stickers by the end of the nine weeks). These count as participation grades for ELA and Math. PLEASE NOTE: KidBiz isn't required for this week, due to standardized testing.